My Copenhagen Fashion Week 2016 Highlight: Meeting Lotte Freddie

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Yesterday, outside Copenhagen City Hall, before the official opening show: The press eager to catch some good photos of the celebs, the models – and when inside, Crown Princess Mary of Denmark, sitting on first row of the fashion show.

Copenhagen is packed nowadays with very stylish people. Well, you may say, the Copenhagen’s are stylish in general. But I’m telling you… there’s an extra notch to ‘stylish’ this week; it’s Copenhagen Fashion Week.

So, wherever you are in inner city Copenhagen, you see fashionistas with wide pants, high heels, colorful, patterned – and you see models gracefully passing you on the street, like there was a catwalk outside Hotel D’Angleterre.

Maiken (below) is not a model – she could be! – but a Norwegian fashionista who’s come to Copenhagen this week to work backstage. Her job is to dress the models, and Danish designer Malene Birger is only one of the designers who’ll enjoy the assistance of sweet Maiken – who by the way goes to a fashion academy in Winchester, UK.


Oh, Lotte Freddie: Was blessed to say (a windy) hello to this wonderful and colorful lady, just after the fashion show. She’s the most famous fashion journalist in Denmark – turning 80 this Sunday(!) If only I could look like her, well, when I’m 40… The dazzling woman once said that age is just a state of mind, and she’s a living proof it is.


Enjoy your Thursday, heading off to a brunch at The Union Kitchen, Store Strandstræde today – more on this later on the blog.

Peace & Love, a-g

Ps. Read more about Copenhagen Fashion Week and check out what’s happening:

Copenhagen Fashion Week 2016

My Copenhagen Fashion Week 2016 Highlight: Meeting Lotte Freddie, 9.5 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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