Copenhagen Charity Event at the French Embassy

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Serge and Szhirley

Kickstarting last night’s event by spilling white wine all over the DJ mixer of DJ Serge Silveira (middle), I knew this would be a fabulous night – haha!

Considering the wine was outmost delicious, sponsored by Annelise Ladegourdie & Ladegourdie Vinimport, this is what happens next:

Me: Oh no, that’s a waste of good wine!

DJ Serge: I’m more concerned about my mixing console.

:) Then the two of us decides on this incident has never happened – and have a look, DJ Serge and I in a friendly squeeze with Danish singer Szhirley – who by the way sponsored the charity event with an amazing performance. All is well <3

Ladegourdie Vinimport

The occasion was the annual Fundraiser Evening for Sisterhood Foundation at the French Embassy, hosted by my international women’s network Above & Beyond Society. The ticket income from the exclusive evening with dinner is donated 100% to the project in Chennai. Feels good.

Above and Beyond Society Fundraiser

Helle Ørskov and I keeping our eyes on the next lot in the charity auction. Notice the bidding hands in the background.

Frederik Bruun Rasmussen

I was happy to know Frederik Bruun Rasmussen from Bruun Rasmussen again – like last year – was the volunteer auctioneer.

He has a great sense of humor and made sure the auction proceeded smoothly, and never a dull moment, involving the audience in a fun, respectful and loving way.


YES, the fundraiser event is also an event where our women’s society opens up for our male friends.

Above and Beyond Society

Here’s a nice looking two of them – and the lovely gentleman to the right received a lot of compliments for his stylish outfit.

Above and Beyond Society

Love his pants – love his shoes!

Above and Beyond Society

Together with two of my dearest friends – Carine and Sabrina.

Above and Beyond Society

Wonderful main sponsors.

Above and Beyond Society

Tine, founder and CEO of my Above and Beyond Society shows the gift card of Danish artist Per Hillo. He sponsored one of his beautiful paintings. Or – he will make you a painting of your own wish. Sounds fantastic!

Wishing you a marvellous weekend, Copenhagen friend xx

Peace & Love,

Ps. You lovely blog readers decided on my jewelry last night – now, have the necklace yourself in the shop at a 10% discount – let’s go Paris chic :)))

Above and Beyond Society

Copenhagen Charity Event at the French Embassy, 10.0 out of 10 based on 3 ratings

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