Copenhagen calling Seattle: Happy Birthday, Mike – you rock!

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“Happy Birthday to you”: LOL – doing the Starbucks Seattle Latte dance by the Copenhagen metro

Well, hello there ;) Have a look at the name of this Starbucks coffee. Yesterday was lovely blog reader Mike from Seattle‘s birthday – and by coincidence, when in 7-11 I noticed… in the middle of Copenhagen: A Seattle Latte (O:

Mike is a true Copenhagen friend and has followed my blog for years now. He loves to travel, has been quite a few times in Copenhagen. I enjoy his updates on Facebook, really inspiring, his positive attitude and love for life is clearly visible and contagious, all the way overseas from Seattle to Copenhagen Thank you, Mike, stay cool, stay you – and hope you had a fab birthday yesterday!

Peace & Love,

Ps. Yep, you know by now, Mike, your gift from CPH BLONDE is a gift card to Starbucks. Enjoy!
Copenhagen calling Seattle - happy birthday

Pss. While we’re at it: Sending good vibes to my SODO friends in Seattle, too. I’m SO ready the day they launch a ladies line.

SODO Apparel Seattle Copenhagen

Copenhagen calling Seattle: Happy Birthday, Mike - you rock!, 10.0 out of 10 based on 3 ratings

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