Cool Nik&Jay and Samsung: Album pre-lease at Danish bus stop

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I was asked to make a post on the new pop album by Danish pop artists Nik & Jay – to be released October 28.  Well, I only write about what I like – love! And by the way I’m always honest in my opinion. So… of course I said yes.

a-g dancing

From my private albums: Copenhagen B caught private dancing… maybe to Nik & Jay? :O)

And hey, check out their laidback gangsta rapper style on these photos from the pre-release video. Leather pants, long sports tee, cowboy boots, classic coat – and a mafioso hat, love it. Well dressed men – I like. Here’s a few informal print screens from some of my favorite moments during the video.

Nik & Jay Copenhagen

Watch the video and find out how Samsung phone owners can listen to their new album – before the actual release October 28. You can win concert tickets, too. Or hey, just watch it for the great style!

Nik&Jay Samsung Copenhagen

Peace, Dance & Blog Love,

Ps. Yep, the music of Nik & Jay just makes me want to dance. Whether you’re Danish speaking or not, try have a listen to this song. I’m positive your feet will start moving. Am I right or am I right (O;

Cool Nik&Jay and Samsung: Album pre-lease at Danish bus stop, 7.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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