Cool Casper Christensen and FunnyHaHa TV chicos at Strøget

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Casper Christensen

NO, I never got on FunnyHaHa TV – LOL (o: However, I passed this charming gang shoulder to shoulder. First I noticed their energy; walking vibrantly and having fun. Secondly I noticed it was Casper Christensen, famous Danish comedian.

Then I damned myself for not seizing this Blogger Moment and talk to them, just letting them walk away – what a catch if I could have Casper on my blog! He’s become a true Copenhagen Guy, living the Copenhagen Life, so True CPH BLONDE Stuff.

Casper Christensen & Co.

Well… the true story is I swallowed my blogger pride and turned on my heel. Stalking these guys, tapping Casper on his shoulder and begin a conversation, bragging about this blog and you fabulous 10.000 monthly readers – good job, the sweet C replied.

So – I got to take a few photos of the Copenhagen chicos. Of course I forgot to ask about their favorite restaurant… hold on…

Strøget Copenhagen - entrance

This is where Casper & Co. produce their hilariously funny TV, at the entrance of Copenhagen Strøget.

Actually, I guess I don’t really have to ask about a restaurant. Casper and Team has just opened Congo in Store Kongensgade 34 – where you can be sure of good food and even have bushmeat… hey Casper, if you read this, how about us making a contest and offering 2 of my lovely 10.000 readers a nice dinner – at Congo? Would be SO cool.



Peace & Blog Love,



Ps. Join the contest – win a dinner for 2 at highly praised Copenhagen restaurant Tight


Cool Casper Christensen and FunnyHaHa TV chicos at Strøget, 8.8 out of 10 based on 6 ratings

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