Come Copenhagen Rain or Shine

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Pinkish Golden Atmosphere by Copenhagen Magasin

Cheerful bike holders by Magasin, lifting my spirits when the Copenhagen rain is pouring down!

There was also this spectacular sunny autumn day…

Go orange – it’s all in the details.

Copenhagen this morning

Copenhagen Gothersgade this morning. When posting it on our Facebook, I got this lovely comment from Maxi Stritzi:


I recommend Andy’s Bar for a White Russian. Just pick up a liter of milk at the 7-11 before…


LOL – will do, Maxi!

Please click by Copenhagen Cycle Chic for more sunny bike photos :)

Peace & Blog Love,

CPH BLONDE by Cycle Chic

Oh, Copenhagen sunny summer times – photo of me by Mikael Cycle Chic Himself.

Come Copenhagen Rain or Shine, 9.3 out of 10 based on 3 ratings

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