Christmas Calendar: Win 10 pct. off Copenhagen merchandise

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The winner of a pre-party at Copenhagen Generator Hostel is… Anette Sidor – congrats!

merchandise copenhagen

Copenhagen Merchancise

You may think this is the lousiest prize in our Christmas Calendar… or, maybe you’ll just love to get your Copenhagen merchandise at a good price :)

Please comment this blog post with your favorite must-see part of Copenhagen, there are 2 vouchers at stake.

Peace & Blog Love,

Ps. Did you know there are 4 great Town Shops in Copenhagen?

Pss. The next 3 prizes will knock you off your chair… your new wannabe Philippe Starck Ghost chair (O;



Town Shop Copenhagen


Christmas Calendar: Win 10 pct. off Copenhagen merchandise, 8.8 out of 10 based on 4 ratings

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