Christmas Calendar: Nomi Highchair

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Karin Hansen has won long lashes at Klinik Gefion, congrats (O:

Nomi_highchair_white kopi

How to win this great chair, valued at DKK 1.495: Comment this post by answering the question;  what’s your favorite Copenhagen national dish?

The draw will be equal among the correct answers – and the 2 winners will be revealed in the next blog post here on

Peace & Blog Love,

Ps. More info on the Nomi highchair. And hey, there’s international overseas shipping, too!

NOMI Copenhagen

A new-born child has a need for both reassurance and closeness. With the Nomi Baby recliner, your child will be at eye level so that both you and your child can keep up with what’s happening.

The Baby recliner makes it possible to invite the little ones to the table so that your child, from infancy, will be able take part in family life around the dining table or in the kitchen.

The Baby recliner can be adjusted to different angles. From an almost horizontal position when the baby is small, to a more upright one when your child can follow a more of life around the dining table.

The chair’s design allows it to tilt easily while your baby’s head remains stable. The soft fabric and the recliner’s seat design provides the perfect match, and provides your child good support and comfort while lying down.

However, please note that it is recommended that your child can lie in a recliner only 15-20 minutes at a time.

Nomi Baby is available with a reversible cushion with a beautiful pattern on both sides. Choose from three different cushions. The cushions are washable and are made from 100% Oeko-tex cotton.

Nomi_by_RGB_100x50 kopi[3]

NOMI Copenhagen

Nomi has a number of features that will please both children and adults:

* One chair that can be used from infancy to the teenager years
* Stepless adjustment without the use of tools
* Seat depth is automatically adjusted
* The shape of the seat and structure prevents the child from sliding forward
* The shape of the seatback provides both back and arm support
* The size and structure of the footstool provides a foothold for an excellent grip
* Foot pad provides stimulation and gives troubled feet a place to enjoy a break
* Children can push the chair to the table on their own and sit up, thanks to the open form
* A rounded shape provides comfort
* 2 wheels on the rear legs reduces the risk of tilting backwards
* Weighs less than 5 kg
* Hanging feature
* Easy to clean with wet cloth
* All materials are sustainable and recyclable

The very unlikely event you are not satisfied with your Nomi Chair, you are protected by our 30 day full satisfaction guarantee.

NOMI Copenhagen

Nomi is easy to adjust. The two handles, one for the seat and other for the footrest, can be loosened and tightened without the use of any tools.

In this way you can easily adjust Nomi to your child and his or her playmates as they grow. The shape of the stem ensures that the seat depth is always correct.

This occurs automatically as long as the seat is adjusted to a height where your child’s elbows are on the same level with the table top. Then adjust the footrest so that your child’s feet are flat.

This will give your child a foothold and he or she can move freely about at the table, something which encourages the development of motor skills and well-being. Good footing is the foundation for all movement.

Rotate and adjust. Simple and easy.

The easy configuration adjustments makes the chair indispensable at the grandparents’ home when grandchildren in different sizes and ages come to visit.


Christmas Calendar: Nomi Highchair, 10.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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