Bryggebroen: Sonja loves Spiseloppen at Christiania

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Another lovely and cheery person in the middle of freezing Bryggebroen. Oh well, Sonja is from Iceland so maybe she’s used to shivering c-o-l-d? (o: Hey, that’s what they tell me too, being born in Norway. I still think this is very cold(!)


Sonja recommends the restaurant Spiseloppen at Christiania. I’ve been there myself – please go have their burger, it’s perfect.



Ship ohoi – my knitted hat almost went over board several times.







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Ps. Check out the site of blogger and photographer Clotilde Imbert (left)

Bryggebroen: Sonja loves Spiseloppen at Christiania, 8.4 out of 10 based on 5 ratings

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