Believe It or Not! My 5 Favorite Laughs at Copenhagen Ripley’s

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Entrance just by Copenhagen City Hall

Well, hello there! Before I head for London today – yep, they have Fabulous Lifestyle there as well :) – I’d like to share a great Copenhagen experience with you. Yesterday I visited Ripley’s Believe It or Not just by Copenhagen City Hall. Here are my five favorite things which I recommend you to have fun and splurge into next time you find yourself in Copenhagen:

Believe It or Not No. 1: The world’s longest nose

Here it is - the world's longest nose

20 cm!! Imagine sneezing with a nose like this.

The world's longest nose is 20 cm

Well, of course, being a circus sideshow entertainer then is obvious!


Believe It or Not No. 2: What’s under the Scotchman’s kilt?

The Scotchman

Approaching the Scotchman.

We all want to know...

Well, hello there, doesn’t this sign invite to…

The Scotchman, too

… together with this invitation, to – haha – lift the leave just a little bit?

So what happens when you lift the leave? Well, Copenhagen friend, that you need to see for yourself ;)

Believe It or Not No. 3: The Old Couple

Old couple looks so real!

Looking so real, this ol’ couple fooled me. Grandpa even took a photo of his wife.

Old lady looks SO real

Even up close this ol’ lady looks quite real. Nice work, Mr. Ripley!


Believe It or Not No. 4: The furry troat

A furry trout - for real...?

Is this one for real…?

The story of the furry trout

Robert Ripley made an end to the myth, please read this fun story – unbelievable.


Believe It or Not No. 5: The world’s longest legs

World's longest legs...

Finally I’ve got looong legs! Great fun – and healthy, I think, to laugh at ourselves from time to time (O:

Ripley’s Believe It or Not!
Rådhuspladsen 57

How to find it:

Vis stort kort
Ps. Mr. Ripley Himself, in his creative office:
Mr. Ripley Himself

Believe It or Not! My 5 Favorite Laughs at Copenhagen Ripley's, 10.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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