Behind the scenes of a Copenhagen fashion photographer

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Sla Karvounis Photography

Guest post from our lovely Copenhagen photographer Sla Karvounis-Photography! Here she is, Sla Supreme, busy taking photos of me for a makeup campaign at the location of Helle Thorup.

First time I met Sla was when I walked into her and furry friend Billy, interviewing her for my blog.

Macedonian Beauty

Alright, Sla, take it away (O;

Peace & Love,

Copenhagen with its picturesque city backdrops make the best working environment for a fashion photographer.

Our favourite location that often inspire us for our fashion photoshoots is the bohemian city part of Christianshavn, with its charming canals old buildings and culture.

sla karvounis-photography



sla karvounis-photography


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Behind the scenes of a Copenhagen fashion photographer, 6.5 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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