Beer tasting in Copenhagen: Lowcaholic beer from TeeDawn

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Teedawn at Sokkelund Cafe Copenhagen

Well, hello there! Co-blogger Katrine from says skål – cheers – in lowcaholic beer. Looks like quite a party, the beer was floating – and it sure was a great party, too! And a party without a hangover, as the beer is low in alcohol. Only 2,7 % which made me bicycle home in a perfectly straight line – haha –  and being fresh as an eagle the day after.

TeeDawn Copenhagen

The lowcalholic beer from Teedawn taste surprisingly good. I say surprisingly, because I’m used to beer low in alcoholic taste flat and dull. This beer tastes like regular beer! And my personal favorite is definitely the Teedawn Lemon Beer.


The definition of lowcaholic:


The Teedawn beer tasting event was at Sokkelund Cafe & Brasserie at Frederiksberg, only a 10 minute bike ride from inner city Copenhagen. A lovely cafe which I wouldn’t mind visiting again.

Peace & Love,

Teedawn – lowcaholic beer with the slogan Free Spirit Bright Beer, added only common sense, nothing else – be your self

Website – and where in Copenhagen, except Sokkelund Cafe, to enjoy your Teedawn beer



Beer tasting in Copenhagen: Lowcaholic beer from TeeDawn, 8.5 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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