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Blogkursus København


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Well, hello there ;) Sorry for hiding from blog space lately, but there’s so much exciting stuff going on at Team CPH BLONDE, a new blog course and… So what have I been up to – LOL, besides keeping up my CPH BLONDE image at the hairdresser (left). Well…

For one – new Scandinavian LifeStyle webshop coming up: I’m working on a webshop with Scandinavian LifeStyle products, where you can actually purchase the products we recommend. I’ve been writing about and testing a lot of mainly Danish and Norwegian products and services on the blog until now, and now – yes, now, it’s time to let you readers get the opportunity to discover and enjoy them, too!

Ps. 40 percent of you readers are from the US, so I’ll make sure to be able to send the Scandinavian lifestyle products overseas, too :)

Secondly, introducing a new blog course in Copenhagen: I love to help others achieve their personal and professional goals – by blogging. The course will be Wednesday Sep. 17 and Wednesday Oct. 1; two efficient nights that will pop you out blog flying!

Read more and get the ticket to your blog career right here

In Danish only – so far, but please tell me/email me if you’re English speaking, and we’ll find a solution.

Peace & Love,

Ps. Come for the intro party Monday Sep. 8th and find out what blogging can do for you:

Copenhagen blog course


Become a Blogger in Copenhagen, 9.7 out of 10 based on 3 ratings

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