Beautiful Thursday in Copenhagen. And let’s go worldwide…

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Well, hello there! Check out the above video where I introduce Relax Copenhagen, an organic and paraben free locally produced Danish series filled only with good stuff. Their body lotion is pampered with shea butter and argan oil – love it. Perfect for winter dry skin. This November you can enjoy a 20% discount, so maybe it’s time to start the Christmas shopping… today? Have a look:

I know, SO much is happening now at CPH BLONDE – are you able to hang in there? ;) I hope so, Copenhagen friend, because now we’re launching Beautiful Thursday in Copenhagen… Every Thursday we’ll bring you lovely news that will add to your beauty and beautiful lifestyle.

Have a beautiful Thursday!

Peace & Love,

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Beautiful Thursday in Copenhagen. And let's go worldwide..., 9.7 out of 10 based on 3 ratings

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