Beautiful Copenhagen Thursday: Have a free Murad tonic…

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murad copenhagen

… with the purchase of any Murad cleansing product!

Just step by Helle Thorup Copenhagen, Store Kongensgade 21 – or Aarhus, Frederiksgade 35, to take advantage of this happy deal.

Prices on Murad cleansing products vary from DKK 325. And Murad tonic products from DKK 245 = you actually save DKK245 – at a minimum, nice. I use Murad products myself, and one of my favorites is this one:

Murad cleansing product

And have a look; guess if this blog reader made my day:

Copenhagen Beautiful Thursday

Well, well, well, I don’t know if I look younger and younger. But I definitely prioritize my skin routines.

With only a few exceptions I always use cleanser and skin tonic – morning and night.

I must have been to a really good party, dancing the night away, to ignore this beauty routine, and haha, just stumble into bed. That may happen only once or twice a year (alright, the other parties can also be good). And then, The Day After, it’s not so pleasant to wake up with mascara on my cheeks and old makeup in my face. And a hangover! So I make an effort of remembering this simple routine.

Peace & Love,

Have a guess: Do you think I removed my makeup after having been to this party? Check out the answer below…

a-g party

The answer is yes :D

Beautiful Copenhagen Thursday: Have a free Murad tonic..., 9.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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