Amager Fælled: Thomas Rousing’s Copenhagen Hidden Gem

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Amager Fælled 09

Copenhagen hidden gems: Between Copenhagen Airport and Inner City you find…

… a refreshing wilderness that you don’t see elsewhere in Copenhagen parks. Amagerfælled features lots and lots of green, gravel paths and hidden passageways, as well as multiple picnic spots. Don’t forget to scale one of the grassy mounds for a rewarding view over the south side of Copenhagen. Read more at Google+

Well, hello there, T.R. aka photographer Thomas Rousing; you’ve done it again! Please enjoy a handful of his lovely photos. Dream yourself away.

Peace & SO much Copenhagen Love,
Amager Fælled 10

Ocher yellow the Danish way.

Amager Fælled 11

Green green grass of… home – and home is where your heart is!

Amager Fælled 08

And something blue.

And love you :D

Thomas Rousing on Flickr

Amager Fælled: Thomas Rousing's Copenhagen Hidden Gem, 10.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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