Aaaaargh… Aquila!

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Today we are taking a cyber pre-trip to Tivoli before the official opening April 11th, together with guest blogger Miss Copenhagen (;

Tivoli Gardens’ new wild ride Aquila swings you from side to side and turns you upside down with a centrifugal force of 4G, whatever that is… I can tell you what it feels like. You laugh, you giggle, you scream, it tickles your stomach and you feel a little nauseous afterwards. But is it up there with the best of the Tivoli rides? Keep reading.

Tivoli Aquila 9

When Copenhagen’s amusement park Tivoli opens for the summer season 11 April 2013, it has been extended with a 600 m2 large area called The Merry Corner. The new area offers three new rides: Two rides for youngsters: A small drop tower and a classic Little Pilot airplane go-around.

Tivoli Aquila 10

The third ride Aquila, which means Eagle, is for tough kids and adults and the first of its kind in Europe. You fly upside down while swinging from side to side in giant eagles at a height of 11 metres. Not as high as some of the other rides that have been built in Tivoli Gardens in recent years, but big enough to be able to see the towers of Copenhagen outside the gardens.

Tivoli Aquila 5

Laughter guaranteed

But is it up there with the best of the Tivoli rides?It is definitely laughter-guaranteed, nauseous-guaranteed, it mixes well with the rest of the rides, and it is not as fast as you think.

Tivoli Aquila 21

It is definitely one of the top 10 best rides in Tivoli, but not the best. It is just not as fun as the Demon, the Star Flyer, Vertigo, The Golden Tower, The Odin Express or the old rollercoaster.

Tivoli Aquila 8

The theme of this new Merry Corner area is astronomy, which was the focus of Danish astronomer Tycho Brahe.  And besides the three new rides, there is another attraction not to be missed: Ismejeriet, a new ice cream shop with different flavours of soft ice (I recommend the liquorice ice cream!) and a smorgasbord of toppings. Yum.

Tivoli Aquila 24

Tivoli’s 2013 opening hours:
11 April – 22 September
11 – 27 October
15 November – 31 December


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Aaaaargh… Aquila!, 9.7 out of 10 based on 3 ratings

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