7 steps to a great Copenhagen lunch at Fredco’s Deli

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Hi Friend,

I’d love to make you feel like you’re joining me – for maybe the best lunch in Copenhagen. Even though you’re a Copenhagen Friend in Melbourne, Australia – or Providence, the US (yep, Andy Cutler!) right now.

Fredco's Dehli

Step 1. You get great first hand information from your friend Helle Thorup – on where to go for a nice and informal lunch. Fredco’s Deli in Grønnegade – New Yorker inspired. Oh, here we are, it looks cosy at first sight.

Fredco's Delhi

Step 2. Approaching…

Fredco's Delhi

Step 3. Price friendly too – I like.

Fredco's Deli

Step 4. Say yes please to oil and vinegar dressing on your salad – yummie.

Fredco's Deli

Step 5. :)

Fredco's Deli

Step 6. Say hi to completely strangers – just because they look cute. This is Sweet American Lady together with her grandson. <3

Fredco's Deli

Fredco's Deli

Step 7. Enjoy! What’s so good about the lunch offer at Fredco’s Deli is you can have your salad exactly like you want it – you choose your own favorite ingredients. Love it.

… and love you, my readers, and love to be a blogger!



You take care, wherever you live in the world wide (web),


7 steps to a great Copenhagen lunch at Fredco's Deli, 9.3 out of 10 based on 3 ratings

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