375 Copenhagen Kisses in a Row: New Guinnes World Record

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Kysse-rekordforsg Copenhagen
YES – just like that: With only an arm’s length distance between the participants, The Kiss was passed on from Nytorv to Stork Fountain. The former record was 351 – and now we made a line of 375 :)

Having fun in line before the kiss kickoff: Nytorv is also the location of the Eurovision Song Contest 2014 Village, with lots of entertainment on different stages. Here a kiss participant is photographed together with two happy Eurovision Swiss supporters.


Line chatting: Hi, where are you from? Zimbabwe, the guy to the right replies. Then we all laugh, when he says I know I don’t look like a guy from Zimbabwe, but it’s true! His sweet mate is from Spain. They’re in Copenhagen to support a singing friend in the Eurovision contest. Yep, great atmosphere, everyone was talking to strangers, love it.

Copenhagen Guinness World Record Kiss

Tina (right) is my clever friend and CEO at Ripley’s Entertainment in Denmark – and the Wizard Woman who organized the world record attempt in just no time, together with the Danish AIDS Foundation. She was on national television…

… and hey, she mentioned CPH BLONDE when explaining how she managed to reach so many kissing participants at such a short notice – so a big thank you to those of you readers who stepped by, kissed and made this world record happen. Appreciate your support!


Lotte, me and Christina: Just before we decide to celebrate with a large pint of beer – each (O;

Peace & Love & thank the almighty it’s weekend, it’s been such a great week – singing ABBA & kissing, now this blogger of yours needs a rest. You take care and chill, too!

a-g xx

375 Copenhagen Kisses in a Row: New Guinnes World Record , 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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