2012: Goodbye Dad – hello Copenhagen Life!

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Well, this headline quite sums up my (blog) life this year; my Dad died far too young January 23rd 2012. This blog post pretty much covers My Life the first four months after: http://cphblonde.com.linux13.curanetserver.dk/time-to-move-on-dad-how-to-make-great-content-for-web/

For the month of April I write I’m fine – resolved, and I choose to feel good! – but to be honest I still have moments, 11 months later, where I’m just… sad. I’m sure this first Christmas without him made my spirits even lower, and the fact he would have turned 63 December 26th… :/ Yes, I’m only human, and sometimes it’s such a relief to cry.

But it’s true I choose to feel good. I literally have climbed up on the fence again and choose to see all the good in life.

Another (blog) milestone in 2012: Interviewing Copenhageners!


Like Matti and Morten in Studiestræde. I have so much fun talking to strangers, and to find out there are SO many nice people out there in Copenhagen.

I’m also lucky to have lovely blog readers contacting me. There’s this girl from the U.S. who wanted to know the best make-it-blonde hairdresser  in Copenhagen (of course I told her it’s Bomholt Intercoiffure;) – and then there’s Brett from Australia, who enjoys the Copenhagen recommendations:

Thank you for building this site. When I get back to Copenhagen it will be great to visit some of these cool places. As a visitor you look for them, but just dont know where they are.

I thinks it’s the sort of thing we all look for when abroad, local knowledge, places and interesting people. I’ll be back in Copenhagen in April / May so will definitely drop you an email then.


Yep, looking forward to receiving picures of you at cool places in Copenhagen, Brett :)

That’s all for this last day of 2012… thank you for reading my blog, guys and girls!



Peace & Love,


2012: Goodbye Dad - hello Copenhagen Life!, 10.0 out of 10 based on 4 ratings

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