2 places to go for great Copenhagen coffee

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Woodstock Copenhagener Elizabeth

Cool girl inspired by… maybe Woodstock, the music festival back in 1969? I wasn’t even born at that time, but if I was, I sure would have joined, for some peace, love & music :)

Woodstock Copenhagener Elizabeth

Well, back to 2013 and coffee wonder places in wondercool Copenhagen…

Yep, why not have an insider tip on where to grab that delicious Copenhagen cup of mokka this weekend. Danish Elizabeth knows.

1. The Living Room in Larsbjørnsstræde

The Living Room

Located in The Latin Quarter, one of my favorite Copenhagen areas, The Living Room is a cosy and trendy hangout.

2. Cafe Retro in Knabrostræde

Cafe Retro

Elizabeth loves coffee – and Cafe Retro! Have a Chai Latte for DKK 30.

Peace & Love,

Ps. A Coca Cola isn’t bad either, especially The Day After a nice night out partying (O; Right here I’m “hugging” my BFF Rikke.

a-g & Coca Cola

2 places to go for great Copenhagen coffee, 9.7 out of 10 based on 3 ratings

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