14 Photos from Fabulous Copenhagen Half Marathon

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Copenhagen Half Marathon - Mass Race

What a day. Yesterday Copenhagen hosted the world championship half marathon 2014. In addition to that there was also a mass race; 30.000 runners – including me – more or less in shape for the 221.195 km run. Or was it 21.195 km? ;)

The weather was unbeatable. Sunny and perfect for running in a short sleeved tee.

Here’s  a few photos – and at the end of this post you get my personal half marathon story…

Peace & Love,

Mario For Real - Copenhagen Half Marathon - Mass Race

Mario For Real! Quite a few runners made the runners party even more fun by dressing out.

Copenhagen Half Marathon - Mass Race: Eli

“Go, Eli!” The name on the start number: Great idea, motivating for the runners to be cheered on with their name.

Roy and Bo - at Copenhagen Half Marathon - Mass Race

… a runner with lovely excess energy.

Viggo - at Copenhagen Half Marathon - Mass Race

Concentration. It’s all about getting into that runner’s rhythm.


My own story

Finisher! At Copenhagen Half Marathon - Mass Race

Starting with the finish: I made it through 21.195 km – actually at a better pace than I had expected – 2:04:22.


Getting ready: Placing my start number on my stomach – and soon handing in the yellow bag to the baggage storage.


It took me a 20 minute walk before I passed the start line and was able to begin my personal race. Impressively, according to 30.000 co-runners doing the same.


Thank heavens! Stocking up on water and energy drinks after 9,1 km – I’m thinking: OMG – I’m not even half way through.


Have just passed the finish line.


Using my last energy on smiling!



Holy…! Realizing I actually made it.


My new friend Nelli and I celebrating with a light beer. Cheers!

Ps. Thanks for your support <3 Your cheering on both my Twitter and Facebook made it a whole lot easier to complete this half marathon – my first ever. You’re the best!!


14 Photos from Fabulous Copenhagen Half Marathon, 9.5 out of 10 based on 4 ratings

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