13 qualities of successful bloggers

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… and successful people too!
Surfing by Debbie Turner’s blog I couldn’t help linger on her post about Jeffrey Combs’ thirteen qualities of people-with-success. Debbie says:

“Average people operate from a position of fear.  Fear of failure, fear of success, fear of rejection, fear of commitment. Fear truly is the thief of your dreams”

 This blog post really made an impression on me. And I truly believe working with our fear on an even more conscious level can make our (blog) life go from great – to even greater.

Just read the following qualities – let them linger – and you’re already well on your way to less fear – and more success!

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  1. Successful people have dreams.  
  2. Successful people are achievers. 
  3. Successful people have drive and determination.
  4. Successful people are focused.
  5. Successful people learn to take action.
  6. Successful people take responsibility for their actions.
  7. Successful people look for solutions to their problems.
  8. Successful people make decisions and stick to them.
  9. Successful people can admit when they make a mistake.
  10. Successful people are self-reliant.
  11. Successful people live in the process of constant improvement.
  12. Succcessful people develop leaders.
  13. Successful people have enthusiasm for the process.

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