10 Tiger Musthaves: Copenhagen Fashion Festival – on a budget

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Well, hello there ;) It’s Copenhagen Fashion Festival #cphff – and why not look and live gorgeous and practical – on an extremely low budget.

I went shopping in miscellenaous store Tiger at Copenhagen Kultorvet today. And for only about DKK 350 I found the following ten musthaves, each item priced between DKK 10 and DKK 50 – taking the catwalk outside lovely Helle Thorup Skin Care in Gothersgade 43:

#1: Wings like an angel. Walking the streets of Copenhagen…

Even fashionable and luxurious shop Bering Flowers has wings – decorating their window. Bering Flowers is official supplier for the Danish royal family.


#2: The Umbrella Hat. My crew and I laughed so much when I struggled a bit to put this… thing on my head. But when it was on, it felt quite natural – haha – and here’s a guarantee for keeping the mascara on and stay hair chic!

#3: The Love Hat. There’s only love! So why not wear it on your head.

#4: Raincoat. More love – this waterproof rain & snow protection is one of my Tiger favorites. Securely folded into a tiny square now and put in my bag. After all it’s Copenhagen, will probably need it soon again… and who knows, maybe the text will make someone – other than myself, give me a hug!

#5: A box of Danish Butter Cookies. Great for trading – “if you give me a discount on that latte I’ll give you a cookie” – or “you look sweet, do you live in Copenhagen? Want a cookie?” (O;

#6: Hairband with chiffon flower. With a hairband with this in your bag, there’s no problem in saying YES to a sudden invite to a party; just pull off your hairband and you’ll instantly add glamour to your look.

#7: Smartphone Love. Wrap up your iPhone with some lovin’ vibes.

#8: Leather gloves. Stuffed with warm material as well, this chic pair of leather gloves is now available at only DKK 50.

#9: Piggy bank. Maybe start saving up for a trip to New York, and step by Providence when I’m there – and finally meet great cyberfriend Andy Cutler @andypvd.

Copenhagen Tiger slumber blanket
#10: Slumber blanket with sleeves. After doing this catwalk in a minor snow storm, it’s time to hit the sofa, relax and cuddle up in this lovely warm blanket.

Alright, guys, thanks for reading along! Wishing you a WONDERFUL WEEKEND, friend.

Peace & Love,


Frederiksborggade 1 (Kultorvet)
DK-1360 Copenhagen

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10 Tiger Musthaves: Copenhagen Fashion Festival - on a budget, 9.5 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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