Grønn By from Stavanger Explores Copenhagen Harbour Life

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Last week Deals Copenhagen had the pleasure of assisting Grønn By in exploring and showcasing urban development in Copenhagen. Grønn By is a network for overall urban development in the Stavanger region, Norway. I was happy to join the group for a lovely lunch at the The Royal Danish Playhouse (above), at the “house” restaurant Ofelia.

Meeting and greeting with 18 representatives from my Norwegian hometown Stavanger was quite a joy. Speaking my Norwegian dialect, and it turned out we know a lot of the same persons in our local networks.

jens øblomPrior to our lunch at Ofelia Deals Copenhagen had arranged for Grønn By, in collaboration with The Royal Danish Playhouse, to have Jens Øblom, Lundgaard & Tranberg Arkitekter (left), lead a special guided tour.

Lundgaard & Tranberg Arkitekter is the architect company behind the playhouse, so our Norwegian group was in the best hands.

After our lunch Special Advisor from IFHP and Deals Copenhagen consultant, Regitze Marianne Hess, started our guided tour from The Royal Danish Playhouse, alongside the harbour and to BLOX. Please note the Copenhagen Opera House in the background – and Copenhagen Street Food at Paper Island (right in the upper two photos of the collage).

grønn by stavanger

Although we had dessert at Ofelia, the best (more…)

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