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Free drinks – free petanque: Welcome to Petanque Bar Copenhagen!

| April 23, 2014 | 0 Comments
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petanque bar copenhagen

Well, hello there ;) Today is the event of How to Speak Danish in 10 Sentences – I’m SO excited! At 6 pm tonight at Generator Copenhagen, just by Kongens Nytorv, we’ll be quite a crowd having fun and improving our Danish at the same time… you’re most welcome to join at short notice – read more.


From the pre-launch earlier this month.

And tomorrow is, also at Generator Copenhagen… the supreme official launch of Petanque Bar, the first of its kind in Copenhagen. Free drinks – free petanque.

When: April 24th at 7.30 pm.

Where: Generator Copenhagen, Adelgade 5-7, Copenhagen.

petanque bar copenhagen

Read more and sign up for the event on Facebook

Petanque Bar Copenhagen
Adelgade 5-7
1304 Copenhagen
Visit their Facebook page

More photos from the pre-launch
LOL, the tape measure was a very useful tool when deciding on who was closest to the little white ball.





Here I am with two guys from the pre-launch winning team (above). Ole in the middle is playing in ManBand, top 5 finalist in this year’s Danish X-factor aka Britain’s Got Talent. How I did in the contest? (O; Well, I made it to the second round, but then my team was defeated by a power team from Eastern Europe.


Michael and Jonas from Generator Copenhagen – sweet & fair masters of the petanque universe!

Letter from Martir: Please help me find a job in Copenhagen

| April 22, 2014 | 0 Comments
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Copenhagen winter bathing

If one of you lovely blog readers help Martir find a job, I will do like Klaus here this upcoming Copenhagen winter… ;)

Well, hello there, couldn’t stand for Martir’s message in my inbox.


… wishing everyone a beautiful day in the most happiest place of the world Copenhagen. I hope someone will make my dream come true!

Remembering myself when moving from abroad to Copenhagen, how dependent I was in the beginning on the help from others. Luckily the Danish Norwegian student union helped me with a place to stay during my first months in Copenhagen; a sweet co-student who let me sleep on a mattress in her living room, in a tiny student apartment.

Now I kind of want to return that favor, and share Martir’s wish – hoping that one of you blog readers can make his dream come true:

Dear CPH Blonde readers,

Looking for jobs in: Restaurants, construction or anything else available. Have a driving licence, category B and C.

About me: My name is Martir from Macedonia – currently a master degree student in civil law at SEEU in Tetovo. I would like to live and work in Copenhagen for a few months.

Highly motivated, enthusiastic, dedicated, openminded, outgoing, communicative, team player.

Computer skills: Internet, Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint.
Hobbies: Tennis, swimming, basketball and soccer.

Hey, if you can help Martir, please contact him on or +38 971217718.


Have a fabulous week, Copenhagen Friend (O:

Peace & Love,

Ps. Here’s a useful website for those of you who consider moving to Copenhagen – click here.

Moving to Copenhagen

Amager Fælled: Thomas Rousing’s Copenhagen Hidden Gem

| April 19, 2014 | 0 Comments
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Amager Fælled 09

Copenhagen hidden gems: Between Copenhagen Airport and Inner City you find…

… a refreshing wilderness that you don’t see elsewhere in Copenhagen parks. Amagerfælled features lots and lots of green, gravel paths and hidden passageways, as well as multiple picnic spots. Don’t forget to scale one of the grassy mounds for a rewarding view over the south side of Copenhagen. Read more at Google+

Well, hello there, T.R. aka photographer Thomas Rousing; you’ve done it again! Please enjoy a handful of his lovely photos. Dream yourself away.

Peace & SO much Copenhagen Love,
Amager Fælled 10

Ocher yellow the Danish way.

Amager Fælled 11

Green green grass of… home – and home is where your heart is!

Amager Fælled 08

And something blue.

And love you :D

Thomas Rousing on Flickr

18 things to do for your Copenhagen Easter Break

| April 16, 2014 | 0 Comments
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Well, hello there ;) Hope you enjoy your Easter Break! If you happen to be in Copenhagen – and don’t know what to do, here’s a few options:


1. Go have fun in Tivoli Gardens

Tivoli Gardens

Tivoli Gardens just opened their summer season for 2014 – and is a terrific playground for playful children and grownups.

Address: Vesterbrogade 3, 1630 København V –
Read more at Visit Copenhagen


2. Easter flea market

forum copenhagen

Love vintage and antiques? Then I suggest you spend some easter hours at the annual flea market in Copenhagen Forum.

Address: Julius Thomsens Plads 1, 1925 Frederiksberg C -
Read more at Visit Copenhagen


3. Take the egg route in Copenhagen Zoo
Copenhagen Zoo

Connect with nature almost in the middle of Copenhagen and say hello to the sweet easter baby animals!

Address: Roskildevej 32,
Read more at Visit Copenhagen 

Find 15 more fun and exciting things to do – at

Happy Easter :)

Peace & Love,

The winner of a gift card at Copenhagen Fredco’s Deli is…

| April 15, 2014 | 1 Comment
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Fredco's Deli

… Katharina Martiny :) She wants to spend the spare money for not having to pay for her lunch, on a Copenhagen tattoo, to show the world where her heart really lies at. Congrats, Katharina, with the free lunches – and by the way, would love to see that tattoo, when you have got it done someday (O;

Oh, we had 7 more lovely contestants for the Fredco’s Deli gift voucher valued at DKK 450:

Get Copenhagen inspired by what they would love to spend the extra money on – with links an’all:

  1. Enjoy champagne at Gråbrødretorv
  2. Have cocktails with their sweetheart – check out top 10 Copenhagen cocktail bars
  3. Go shopping at the flea markets of Copenhagen
  4. Go the Copenhagen movies
  5. Spend it on a Velorbis iPad case
  6. Spend it in a little bookshop in Fiolstræde – maybe she means Paludan’s Book & Cafe?

Copenhagen Fredco's Deli

Thank you, guys, and happy easter, everyone!

Happy Easter

Peace & Love,

Fredco’s Deli
Grønnegade 32

Your Copenhagen Hidden Gems Revealed – in my new ebook series

| April 14, 2014 | 0 Comments
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i love Copenhagen

Now sharing my love for Copenhagen with you – in an ebook!

Have been asked quite a few times:

Well, since you’re a Copenhagen blogger, you must know all the hidden gems: Where should we go?

;) So, why should this be a 1-1 secret? I’d like to share it with all people heading for wondercool Copenhagen… in an ebook.

Just like I told my Belfast friend and co-blogger Jeff, blogger at Belfast Times – check out the blog, when I met him and his friend in Copenhagen last summer: You really should head for Copenhagen Latin Quarter! They did, too, and they had a great time (O:

belfast times

Hey, what is Copenhagen Latin Quarter – really? According to wikipedia:

… a neighbourhood in central, CopenhagenDenmark. It is bounded by Nørregade to the west, Vestergade to the south, Vester Voldgade to the east and Nørre Voldgadeto the north.[1] The name refers to the Latin language, which was once widely spoken in and around the University, whose historic home is situated on the other side of Nørregade. Most of the student life has now been relocated to four new campuses but the area is still known for its lively atmosphere with an abundance of boutiques, cafés and night clubs…

Release date of the ebook: Sooooon –  now entirely up to iStore & Amazon!

Peace & Love,

Ps. Photo from my upcoming ebook – there’s some great Danish pastry in one of the local streets, Matti and friend have a hold of it:

Copenhagen Latin Quarter Matti and Morten


How to carry your stuff the cycle chic way

| April 12, 2014 | 0 Comments
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Cute guy carrying his stuff with a messenger bag,


Got it all in front…


Designer bag nicely parked.

Even more Copenhagen Cycle chic – click here :D


Peace & Love,


How to make the perfect 90 Seconds Copenhagen Summer Braid

| April 10, 2014 | 0 Comments
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Well, hello there ;) So here we go – quite a few readers have asked me how I do this glamorous hairdo. “Does it take a lot of time?” Oh no, Copenhagen friend, it’s done in 90 seconds – just click on the above video, and hey, there you go.

Peace & Love,

Ps. The great inspiration is from Glitter (O:

KIA getaway Copenhagen

Hey KIA, I want to go to Barcelona, Milan – and Porto!

| April 8, 2014 | 0 Comments
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My Tiger Date with #KIA #copenhagen - 7

Well, hello there:

Right now you can win a one week getaway for 2, valued at DKK 50.000 – by watching the video above and then follow the instructions.

Well, I’m in! And when asked to choose my favorite top 3 destinations… :

KIA Getaway Copenhagen

Ps. The questionmark is my secret co-traveler.

Which 3 destinations are your favorites?

love living in Copenhagen. But Barcelona, Milan – and Porto… never been to Porto, but would like to go there someday. Maybe soon, that’s up to KIA to decide ;)

KIA Barcelona Porto

I’m all positive that I may win the competition. So I decided to step by my local Copenhagen KIA dealer to warm up for my trip…

Here I am with a KIA Picanto, almost dressed for a safari – LOL:

My Tiger Date with #KIA #copenhagen - 1

My Tiger Date with #KIA #copenhagen - 2

And now with a KIA RIO:

My Tiger Date with #KIA #copenhagen - 6

My Tiger Date with #KIA #copenhagen - 5

Oh well, I came and left on my two-wheeled:

My Tiger Date with #KIA #copenhagen - got there by #velorbis - 4

Good luck to you with the contest – if I don’t win, I sure hope one of you, my lovely readers do (O:

Peace & Love,

Ps. Bonus info: Thomas, the sweet car dealer told me there’s a 7 year guarantee on KIA cars, compared to usually two or five.

Win More Free Lunches at Fredco’s Deli: Gift Card Valued at DKK 450

| April 6, 2014 | 8 Comments
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Fredco's Deli

There’s so much good stuff to spend money on in Copenhagen – so why don’t we cover your lunch expenses, so you have excess DKK 450 to spend on… for instance shopping and cocktails? ;)

Fredco’s Deli is a lovely New Yorker inspired Copenhagen hidden gem located close to Kongens Nytorv. “Fantastic salad” according to, I couldn’t agree more. Yep, we just had a Fredco’s Deli contest on the blog, but generous owner Malene wanted to offer you guys the opportunity to win this gift card as well – thanks, M!

How to win the gift card: Comment this post with A. the Copenhagen address of Fredco’s Deli and B. tell us what/where in Copenhagen you would spend the extra DKK 450 (O: We’ll find a winner by April 15th.

Yummie, here’s the salad I enjoyed last time at Fredco’s Deli:

Fredco's Deli

Sweet staff making your salad just the way you want it.

Fredco's Deli

Fredco’s Deli
Grønnegade 32

View Larger Map


Peace & Love,