My BMW Thelma and Louise Road Trip: Favorite Photos

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A few months ago my friend Helle and I decided to go on a road trip this summer. The idea was aka Thelma & Louise (ha ha, without the ending) to drive aimlessly around in Denmark – no deadlines, no pre-fixed destination, just go with the flow. So we did…

The above video tells it all, but I would also like to comment a few of my favorite photo memories:


Ready-set-go! Googled the Thelma & Louise movie to get inspiration for my scarf. I ended up with a silky lovely from Danish designer Charlotte Sparrelove it.

bmw road trip thelma and louise

Danish strawberries – local produce. Yummy.

bmw road trip thelma and louise

I look so happy on this photo. No wonder, with such a lovely cabrio from BMW… Actually, we had to drive very slowly here, such a primitive road over to Danish island Mandø. Interesting, the tides decide when it’s possible to access the island.

mandø helle

Helle was my fabulous travel companion. At Mandø she received a gold medal for (more…)

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