Shhh… what’s in the fresh juices at yummie Copenhagen Next Door Cafe

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Oh, I just love spending a spring/summer day or evening streetwise in Copenhagen Latin Quarter! For instance at Next Door Cafe in Larsbjørnsstræde, recommended by quite a few of you readers.

Flower Power at Next Door Cafe

Flower power! The green juice which my friend Rikke is having? It’s a nice blend of lime, apple, celery, cucumber, mint and ginger.The red Lovely is made of beetroot, orange, ginger and mint – YUMMIE, bursting with health, power and happiness.

Sweet street life at Next Door Cafe

Smile – and the world smiles back :) Hey, I tried it and it works…

True smile mirror poetry

LOL – then Rikke and owner Skyler have to try it, too: (more…)

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